Scrapbook / Guestbook

There’s no better memento of a party than a stylized scrapbook full of photos and thoughtful notes from friends and family. Framed Fun albums are filled with photo booth photos and can be customized to fit any style or taste. Even better, they can be ready before the event is even over. This not only gives guests an opportunity to flip through and admire the books themselves, it also gives them the chance to sign this memory book and leave their hosts a personal message.

The best-selling Digital Scrapbook comes with countless templates and colors for hosts to choose from, making it obvious why it’s so popular. Like many of the other album choices, the Digital Scrapbook can be prepared during the event and be ready to be admired before the party is even over. Despite its name, the Digital Scrapbook in fact includes a hard copy of all the photo booth pictures taken during the party, arranged artfully within protective laminated pages.

Then there is the more classic scrapbook option, which comes with a style choice of black or white pages. For those who can’t decide between the two, pages of alternating color are also available. The pictures in this album are purposefully laid out to leave room for signatures and personal messages, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have their say. A premium version of this album also exists, which includes colorful embellishments and decorations on each page.

The Keepsake Portfolio, a high quality leather bound album that can be proudly displayed for a lifetime, is the most elegant option. This choice comes with all the template alternatives of the Digital Scrapbook and can be customized to whatever theme or style the event host desires. The cover of the album even contains a specialized design, taking the level of personalization to the next level.

Whether looking for a classic, simple album, a colorful scrapbook, or a collector quality leather book, Framed Fun offers a large variety of scrapbooks to suit any taste. Whichever the style choice, guests and hosts alike will enjoy revisiting the memories stored in these albums. These modern versions of the timeless guestbook are the perfect way to store and preserve the pictures and guest list of any joyful event.

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