External Display

Framed Fun photo booth’s external display option lets your guests view the fun-filled action inside the booth, lending an exciting real-time element to the photo booth experience. While Framed Fun’s social share function lets the world see what’s going on at your event, external display gets everyone in the photo booth line psyched to get inside the booth and let loose with some crazy antics. This amazingly amusing slide show element creates a wave of excitement among party guests and adds another level of hilarity to your event.

Positioned above the booth so guests can get a clear view, the external display progressively adds pictures throughout the night, creating a long, wild stream of entertaining shots of your guests cavorting in the booth. Everyone will have a blast laughing at all the funny photos amassed throughout the night.

This amusing option also gives guests something to do while waiting in line for their turn in the booth, and gives plenty of hilarious ideas for poses and pranks. There’s no sneaking a kiss in the photo booth; everyone can see!

An external display ramps up excitement for the photo booth and will have everyone swarming into the line to get inside and ham it up with friends and family. From tots to grandmas, everyone loves a goofy photo, and the more guests that cram into your booth, the more amazing memories you’ll have of your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, sorority party, anniversary gala or milestone birthday bash.

The hilarious stream of photos running through the external display monitor draws attention to the photo booth no matter where it’s placed at the party. Though the Framed Fun booth’s optimal location is near the dance floor, the external display’s overhead positioning means everyone can see what’s going on and jump in line to get in on the action.

Optionally, a second Framed Fun monitor can also be set up in a different location at the event, allowing guests to watch the slideshow in more than one spot. Just seeing the amusing shots stream by will have everyone lining up to put on a feather boa, some giant sunglasses or a silly mask, cram into the booth and be a celebrity for a day.

Getting a preview of the kids’ of silly antics in the photo booths really gets your guests’ creative juices going, and they’ll try to outdo each other in crazy stunts and funny poses, resulting in loads of amazing shots for you to treasure for years to come.

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