FramedFun Vision

Why wait for the party to be over to begin to enjoy the memories? With Framed Fun Vision, photo booth photos taken throughout the evening are instantly displayed for the enjoyment of the hosts and guests alike. Photo booth models will be able to admire their pictures, and other guests can have fun watching the silly or glamorous pictures that were taken in the booth just a short while earlier.

Framed Fun Vision can be displayed in various locations throughout the event. There is a small screen right on the side of the photo booth. This popular addition to the classic booth will allow the models to receive instant feedback on the photos they are taking. It can also inspire guests waiting in line for their own turn in the booth, helping to ensure that guest after guest doesn’t strike the same pose.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. The event pictures can also be projected onto a large screen anywhere in the room that is desired. This high quality screen takes the photo viewing to a whole other level, allowing everyone at the event to appreciate the pictures together.

A number of smaller screens can also be scattered throughout the event. This is a favorite option of hosts with multi-room event spaces to decorate. Screens can be front and center or tucked into secluded nooks, giving everyone a chance to peruse through all the pictures to their heart’s content. These smaller screens also give people a chance to watch the slideshow in a slightly more intimate space, while still interacting and participating in the larger event.

There are many reasons a host may choose Framed Fun Vision for their party. Watching and commenting on the event pictures can be as entertaining for guests as taking them was in the first place. Anyone looking for a unique way to flash a short message to the guests or hosts of an event can hold up a sign that they know the whole party will get the chance to read. Themed or costume parties can take this opportunity to judge outfits and give out awards for the best or most original costume. In fact, there is really no event where this fun service won’t be appreciated.

Whether planning a wedding or a corporate function, Framed Fun Vision will take your party photos and turn them into the perfect event slideshow. Guests will be making memories before the evening has even ended. This fun and flirty service is a hit at any event.

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