Fundraiser Photo Booth

The planning and effort that goes into hosting a fundraiser is immense, time-consuming, and often times stressful, but Framed Fun photo booths provide a unique way to add an extra spark to your event with just one simple phone call.

A Framed Fun photo booth is the perfect addition to any fundraising event. Whether you are hosting a fancy charity gala with hors d’oeuvres and floor length ball gowns or a parking lot benefit carnival with cotton candy and deep fried Twinkies, your guests are sure to love the addition of a photo booth. With Framed Fun photo booths, guests can strike a pose and select from a variety of props, adding even more fun and entertainment to an event for which you have tirelessly prepared.

Not only do our photo booths provide lots of fun for all ages, but they also provide a way for you to document the event and remember all of the people who have attended and provided their support. As guests receive a copy of their photos to take home, a Framed Fun photo booth offers a way for each guest a way to remember this special event and its significance, providing a tangible reminder of the cause they have chosen to support. Framed Fun photo booths add a personal touch to your fundraising event, giving your guests a unique experience that will bring them back to your event year after year.

At Framed Fun photo booths, we offer a variety of options to help the photo booth complement your fundraiser. We strive to fit the photo booth experience perfectly into your event, allowing you to share your preferences and style. We would love to discuss your event and what we can do to help make it as memorable and unique as possible.

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