Magnet Sleeves

Magnet sleeves are an excellent accessory for your pictures as they both protect and showcase some of your favorite memories. The clear plastic sleeves conveniently accommodate both 4×6 photos and photo strips from the Framed Fun photo booth. Once the photos have been inserted, the magnet sleeves can be placed on a refrigerator, filing cabinet, locker or anywhere else that magnets are generally accepted. The magnet sleeves from Framed Fun are an easy and fun way to display your photos throughout your house, school and/or office. In addition, the magnet sleeves make an excellent gift idea so that others can remember the good times from a special event or occasion.

Magnet sleeves can be used creatively to display any pictures that have been taken from Framed Fun’s photo booth. Since the plastic sleeves are simple to access, the pictures can easily be placed into the sleeve. They can also be removed just as easy so that they can be swapped for a more recent picture. Photo booth pictures placed into the sleeve and displayed on the refrigerator are just one example of how the magnet sleeves can be used. At the office, you could use the magnet sleeve on a filing cabinet and insert a photo of your spouse and children. Kids at school can place the magnet sleeves in their locker and place pictures of their best friends.

The magnet sleeves from Framed Fun are a simple and fun accessory for everyone to display their favorite photographs. The sleeves might contain some of your favorite wedding photos that you can revisit on a daily basis. Parents are delighted to have pictures of their children in the magnet sleeve placed throughout the house to show off to friends and other family members. For those who love to travel, the magnet sleeve might contain a constantly rotating display of your latest adventures. Due to the small size of the sleeve, there is always room to display it just about anywhere. Many people like to purchase several magnet sleeves from Framed Fun so that they can display multiple pictures throughout the house.

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