Fraternity and Sorority

Across the globe, fraternities and sororities function as adjuncts to college life. Although, fraternities and sororities may like to party, not all of them are as wild as those seen in movies. Rather, fraternities and sororities often plan events that are members’ first introduction to volunteering their services in charitable and civic affairs. Many of these affairs are quite creative in nature and do help to raise awareness of issues or funding for a specific purpose. One of the most popular features of these fraternity and sorority events is the photo booth. This is especially true in Gainesville, Florida. It’s the reason Framed Fun is the top name in suppliers of photo booths.

What’s a Fraternity or Sorority Event without a Photo Booth?
Photo booths have remained a popular feature of events on and off campuses. The reason is clear: Photo booths are fun. Framed Fun is located in Gainesville, Florida and names among its clientele numerous fraternities and sororities. For example, when college students who are members of fraternities and sororities begin to plan an event, they choose the most reliable name in photo booths: Framed Fun. It’s no surprise to see photo booths at fraternity dorm events, on campus social and sports events. Sorority members often accent their particular membership “rush” events with a photo booth supplied by Framed Fun. Whenever fraternities and sororities in the Gainesville area combine events, you can be sure you’ll find at least one or more photo booths ready to capture photos for event keepsakes. It’s hard to imagine a college fraternity or sorority event that doesn’t include a photo booth.

Photos for Fun Memories of College Days
Fraternity brothers and sorority sisters know that a photo booth is a way of creating colorful, lasting memories of their college days. Framed Fun photo booth offers the most state-of-the-art photo booths that result in high quality, customized photos. This is great news for fraternities and sororities who prefer to customize their particular group. The booths are roomy enough for colorful group photos. Framed Fun photo booth uses high quality photo paper to insure best results. Plan your event today, and contact Framed Fun for more information.

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