Framed Fun Video

Why should photo booths be limited to just stationary pictures? Take your event to the next level with Framed Fun Video, which allows guests to record high quality video and audio while in the booth. This can be in replacement of the more traditional photo booth setup or it can be in addition to it, giving event-goers and hosts more options than ever in their quest for a good time.

State of the art equipment ensures a professional looking final product each and every time. Flattering lighting and a neutral background are two more components that, in addition to high quality recording equipment, will result in a the best possible video quality. These factors will guarantee that every user, even the most camera shy, is pleased with the video they create.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy their chance to be the star of their own video. Whether 5 years old or 50, Framed Fun Video is a hit at every age. As popular at weddings as it is at birthday parties, there is really no event where this booth doesn’t add to the overall entertainment. Even corporate events can benefit from the lighthearted touch that it provides, helping to build team unity at the same time that it provides an icebreaker to the more serious atmosphere that these events naturally have.

Guests can deliver heartfelt messages or just goof around, creating a permanent record of your event which can be shared and viewed for years to come. Framed Fun Video can also be used for impromptu musical performances, with sensitive audio equipment picking up every note and giggle. Guests can leave private video messages alone in the booth or entire groups can crowd in together to have their say. There is no right or wrong way to use Framed Fun Video, as long as everyone involved is having a good time.

The fun doesn’t end when the party does. After the party wraps up, a compilation of all the videos shot can be delivered on a DVD, on a thumb drive, or both, offering a simple way to view them for even the most tech-averse user. The videos provided can also easily be uploaded to your favorite social media site to be enjoyed by all your friends and connections, or they can be saved for more private viewing at your next event. Framed Fun Video is a great way to not only record memories, but to make memories as well.

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