Graduation Photo Booth

You’ve worked hard to graduate. And now you want to celebrate your achievement. Make your graduation party or open house exceptional with a Framed Fun Photo Booth everyone will want to get in. We customize your Framed Fun Photo Booth for your event, and your guests will have a blast hopping in and out of it. Everyone will get a chance to create a photo keepsake from the day of your graduation celebration.

The touch screens are easy for anyone to operate. Guests get to select photo options and receive a print right away. You and your friends will have pictures in hand to laugh over while mingling at the party. And you can get a picture with every special person who supported you along the way to graduation.

The Framed Fun Photo Booth is fun for all ages. Whether you’re hugging a dear friend in your cap and gown or your little cousins are piling in, everyone will be thrilled by this unique activity at your graduation party. The giggles behind the flapping curtain will attract a line. Smiling people will be waiting for their turn. Your guests will be talking about your graduation party long after you’ve gone onto new things in life.

The photos will be easily shareable instead of scattered throughout your guests’ cell phones and tablets. You’ll get a delightful collection of photos from your Framed Fun Photo Booth to mark the day. Graduation is an important rite of passage. Your family and friends are proud of you, and they want your celebration to be a big deal.

Graduation is your day to be appreciated for all of your efforts. Invite your well wishers into the Framed Fun Photo Booth with you so each person can capture a happy moment with you. And then turn your guests loose to play with the Framed Fun Photo Booth and have fun together.

Your graduation party celebrates hard work and hope. The pictures you save will remind you for years of the love and enthusiasm that put you on the road to success.

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Make sure you have a Framed Fun Photo Booth at your event!