Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Add a little fun to your next corporate event while still maximizing your return on investment. FramedFun photo booths provide entertainment for your employees and guests, while helping companies achieve their marketing goals too. Let us show you how a photo booth can boost your branding and data capture capabilities while still providing hours of fun. It’s the ultimate on-site interactive marketing activity.


Photos are available to guests instantaneously allowing them to post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They can do all of this directly from the photo booth, so those that left their mobile devices at home don’t have to miss out o the fun. There is no better way to document your corporate event as it happens and promote your brand through viral online marketing. In addition our software prominently highlights you company’s logo in photo prints and emails to ensure that everyone who sees the photos are exposed to your company’s brand. We can even install a custom wrap on the outside of the photo booth with your logo and company identifiers prominently displayed on it.


Photo booths provide that added touch to any event that will make it legendary. Your guests and employees will be talking about your event for years. More importantly, they will have souvenir photos to help remember the great time that they had. Photo booths are customizable to fit into any décor your event may have, from fun employee outings to red carpet soirees. We can even provide props to help your guest capture those zany moments that they will remember forever.

Data Capture

A photo booth is more than just a form of entertainment, it’s the ultimate data capture tool. While guests get memorable photos to share with their friends, companies get a comprehensive database of their contact information to use for future marketing efforts. You’ll receive their name, address, phone number and email address along with other customizable data. The technology can even track Facebook and Twitter usernames if guests opt to post photos immediately. All of this information is entered by guests voluntarily before they receive access to their photos. Companies can utilize this valuable marketing contact information to drive sales and promotions long after the event is over. Guests will even receive an email customized with your brand before they walk out the door. Building a stronger prospect database all starts with having a fun and interactive photo both at your next

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