Green Screen

Wildly popular additions to any event, today’s incredibly versatile photo booths ensure your guests will take home some amazing digital memories, and the addition of green screen technology offers limitless possibilities for funny, personalized shots. Send your Framed Fun guests anywhere in the world, from under the sea to outer space from right inside the roomy booth. Adding this incredibly imaginative element to your event’s photo booth experience encourages everyone to let loose with some amazing shots. Pose like you’re making a record-breaking hoop or hanging ten in your tuxedo; hilarious combinations of backdrops, props and poses make your wedding, anniversary or summer Bar-B-Que truly unforgettable. You and your guests are only limited by your imaginations, and everyone gets to be a celebrity for a day.

Green screen photography, also known as chroma key photography, allows people to be photographed with any background. Everyone stands, sits or strikes wacky poses in front of the green screen, and then technology takes over. That plain green is replaced by a digital backdrop or photo of your choice, letting everyone relive old memories, take a trip to the South Seas, dangle from Niagara Falls, get chummy with a favorite celebrity or grin from the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Using the same incredible technology as movie special effects, a green backdrop is installed in the Framed Fun booth, letting guests get creative with all kids of silly poses and props. Then, when the picture is snapped, the green screen can be replaced with any image you like, from a glitzy yacht to Yankee stadium.

There’s no need for party favors when you include green screen in your fantastic Framed Fun package. Every picture tells a story, and the amazing tale of your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate event, prom or private party can include high-quality, entertaining green screen photos. Create a sensational social buzz when you capture memories with super-cool, cutting edge green screen creations. Memories may fade, but incredible Framed Fun creations let you relive the zany antics of good times with friends and family. After all, how could anyone forget when you all hung out with Elvis in Las Vegas or danced on the moon in your hot pink bridesmaids’ gowns?

The sky (literally) is the limit with these incredibly entertaining shots, offering hundreds of backgrounds, all seamlessly integrated into the photo booth experience. Quirky and cool, the incredible world of green screen technology lets you play ball with your favorite athlete, dive with sharks, tag along on as a guest of honor on the honeymoon or climb the Eiffel Tower in an evening gown.

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