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Photo booths are classically fun and a hit at any party. Whether straight-faced portraits or silly costumed pictures, guests of all ages love them, and love the printed copies of their photos they get to take home with them when the party is over. It is essentially a hard-copy version of the ever-popular selfie, but higher quality and from a more flattering angle than any cell phone could manage. The prints are immediately available from the booth, providing an instant and easy party gift.

There are almost endless print options available with Framed Fun photo booths, both in regards to layout and style. Themes or logos can be applied, guaranteeing a one of a kind memento of the event. The layout options include, but are not limited to, strips, single photos, and large multi-photo designs.
The colors used in the photos can also be customized. Whether the hosts want classic black and white photos of their event or whether they’d rather their party is remembered in full vibrant color, these and many more options can be selected in the booth. Another popular color choice is sepia, which can lend a fun old-timey feeling to modern photos.

Backgrounds, logos and borders are yet more personal touches that a host can request. These can be carefully designed to complement any pictures that print out of the Framed Fun photo booth, reminding guests years later of where and when they got their pictures. Multiple logos can be used at once, which can be particularly apropos at a wedding. These flourishes can all be optional for guests, allowing them to take some photos with these added embellishments and some photos without.

In fact, planners don’t need to pick just one option either. Dual formats are as easy to arrange as dual logos or dual color choices, ensuring that everyone can get exactly what they want. Hosts can choose to print copies of all the photos taken in any format they’d like, while their guests can likewise select a completely different style to take home with them. The prints are high quality and would be a perfect addition to any scrapbook or album.

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