Photo Strip Frames

Photo strip frames are available in glass and acrylic styles to safely display some of your favorite memories. Since photo strip booths have become increasingly popular at weddings, proms, reunions, business conferences and many other events, our convenient frames provide the perfect opportunity to showcase and preserve your strips. The stylish glass frames from Framed Fun are designed to accommodate any standard size photo strip and are an excellent way to present your pictures. The glass photo strip frames are manufactured using a two millimeter frosted glass with a durable felt back cover. Therefore, the glass frames can be used to match any room in the house to showcase your favorite photo strips for many years.

The acrylic frames are specifically designed to be long-lasting, keeping your photo strips safe and secure. These frames not only provide exceptional protection for your memories, but are an ideal way to show off your photo strips. The acrylic frames from Framed Fun are available in two different designs, T-style and L-style. The T-style design stands upright with two feet on each side, which is a great choice for those wanting to display their photo strips back to back. The L-style design features a slight backward lean over a foot that also faces backwards. Therefore, the photos displayed in the L-style design easily grab the attention of anyone that happens to be walking by the display.

Each style of photo strip frame, whether glass or acrylic, is sure to be a highlight in your home. You will enjoy reliving a favorite memory each time you pass the frame and view the photo strips, putting a smile on your face. In addition to your own personal photo displays, photo strip frames make wonderful party favors so that guests can fondly revisit the memories of a particular event or occasion. They are also popular as table seating card holders to direct your dinner guests to the table. Regardless of how they are used, the photo strip frames from Framed Fun provide you with a unique and special way of displaying some of the best times of your life.

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