Red Carpet & Ropes

No elegant event is complete without a red carpet for guests to sweep down and ropes to cordon off any special areas. Whether a wedding, a birthday party or even a corporate banquet, a red carpet is just the right touch to push a celebration from ordinary to extraordinary. While good quality carpets can be hard to find, Framed Fun photo booth has red carpets fit for the most high end Hollywood premiers available to rent.

It’s not only celebrities who deserve to feel like stars – by renting a ropes and carpet package, every guest can have a Walk of Fame moment of their own. There’s no second chance for a first impression, and this fancy party addition will ensure that anyone attending the event will be wowed right from the start. They can then wow each other in turn as they glide into the party in their gowns and tuxedos. Not only that, but the red carpet and ropes can help guide guests down the proper path towards the main event space in the most fashionable way possible. After all, why post signs when a red carpet can do the job?

If aesthetic reasons aren’t enough, there are also multiple practical reasons why covering existing flooring might be desired. An elegant red carpet not only sets a scene, but it can prevent damage to delicate wood floors or expensive wall-to-wall carpet, especially at a rented location where deposits are at stake. During the party itself, spilled cocktails or wine will be far less visible on this rented carpet than on most original flooring, and after the party hosts will be glad to be able to roll up any damaged or dirty rugs and expose the perfect, untouched floor beneath.

It is not often that something so glamorous can be so practical at the same time, effortlessly combining form and function. Nor are there many decorations that can equal the instant impact of this single design choice. Renting a red carpet and ropes will help turn any event into something that guests will remember for the rest of their lives. There aren’t many chances in life to feel like a star, so hosts should definitely grab this opportunity while they can.

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