Personalized Logos

Customized logos will help any event stand out from the crowd. Event hosts can choose to incorporate their personalized logo into each and every photo booth picture, branding the photos for guests and helping to make the party even more memorable than it already would have been. Corporate events in particular may want to take advantage of the ability to add a logo, but they are certainly not the only customers who appreciate the option. Even wedding or birthday party hosts often enjoy the ability to add their special design onto party memorabilia. It is a hit with guests as well, who then have a one-of-a-kind a party favor to take home.

Hosts who already have their own logos can bring them in to be easily integrated. For events where two or more logos need to co-exist, such as weddings or functions that have official sponsors, multiple logos can be added to the photos just as easily as single ones. A Framed Fun graphic designer can even work with customers to join two logos together in a unique re-design if desired.

In fact, hosts who do not have a logo at all can work with an in-house graphic designer to come up with a unique and completely personal design. The logo can be as simple as a stylized drawing of a name or set of initials, or it can be an elaborate graphic which blends together various stylistic elements that have special meaning to the host. Stylized dates are another popular choice. The logos themselves can be large or small, monochromatic or brightly colored. Framed Fun will work with event hosts to make sure that every element of their party is perfect, and that includes creating a logo that they will want to continue to use long after the party is over.

Customers come first with Framed Fun, and complete customization is part of our services. Whether a logo or a theme, each event is completely different and unique. The only thing that will remain constant from party to party is that our customers will always get exactly what they want.

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